Executive Recruitment

Council Structure

Manchester City Council is led by Chief Executive, Joanne Roney.

Manchester City Council has 96 Council seats, with three council seats in each of the 32 wards.

This year following a review of ward boundaries by the Local Government Boundary Commission of England, 32 new ward boundaries came into effect, with 96 Council seats contested in the May 2018 election.

The organisation is split into 4 directorates:

Children and Families which focuses on the integration of services to children and families with other public services in neighbourhoods, connecting people to the opportunities of growth and reducing dependency through driving the reform of public services.

Growth and Neighbourhoods which has responsibility for driving new opportunities for commercial, residential and other related development across the city, encouraging new investment and development and increasing employment opportunities for local residents.

Corporate Core which has specific responsibilities to drive the programme to support people to move from complex dependency to employment. The core has driven much of the progress in the Growth and Reform work through strategic financial support, evaluation and analysis, and focus on behaviour change.

Strategic Development has a pivotal role in securing new commercial development, attracting inward investment and securing employment growth, along with providing leadership to the Council’s Housing function. The Directorate also has responsibility for the management of the City Council’s land and property assets.


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